Company Profile

Carla Mosse Creations

The art of design, development production and processing of fur and leather goods Carla Mosse has long tradition. Its origins descent to the year 1885, when it was established by Mr. Vlachos in Kastoria, Northern Greece as a family enterprise.

With Carla Mosse as a trade mark, the company provides customers with a great variety of products which are finely finished and tastefully designed. Customers also favour the practicality of the products and their moderate prices. There are different divisions in the enterprise, including Fur Garments and Hats Division, Leather Garment Division, Leather Bags and Wallets Division. Professional designers try their best to catch the latest fashion trends and develop a unique style of Carla Mosse products. Every single piece of Carla Mosse products is made with the finest leather of fur skins… matched by elegant harware decorations, completely satisfying your superior taste and personality. As there is a great sales network in all countries in Europe you can conveniently purchase all kinds of new products from Carla Mosse as well as enjoy the detached feeling of setting the pace in the pursuit of perfection.

New millenium in a sign of genuine fur. New Carla Mosse collection is absolutely in harmony with new trends: “It is possible to do crazy thinks with fur.” Modern way of processing fur gives it a light conception. These new materials together with creative originality of designers, unconventional colour scheme and courage to combine fur with textiles offer a new way of looking at furriery.